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HV 36-9Welcome to, your evaporative cooling specialists. We hope you find this information helpful in learning more about the benefits of evaporative cooling and how our products can help you meet and exceed your industrial cooling needs.

Why Evaporative Cooling?
Evaporative cooling has many benefits that make it increasingly attractive to commercial and industrial facility operators as well as to agricultural producers and processors. As energy prices continue to rise and pressure from regulatory agencies and environmental groups increase the advantages that evaporative cooling has in suitable applications become obvious. Learn more about the benefits of evaporative cooling here.

Our Equipment
Cooling equipment bearing the MegEvap label utilizes the latest technology and finest materials available. The housings are 100% stainless steel for long life and low maintenance. The media we use is the strongest, longest lasting media on the market and is available in thickness to 18” and efficiencies to 98%.

We offer wet sections as retro-fits for existing air handling or ventilation systems, packaged units from 10,000 CFM up, suspension mounted units, portables, high pressure ducted units and refrigeration condenser pre-coolers. We will also custom build a system to satisfy your specific application. If you have a need for clean, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly cooling check out what we have to offer, we believe you will find as many have that our products are the best value for your equipment dollar.

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