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  Located in central Utah, RCF Inc. has designed and manufactured industrial equipment since 1983. We have provided equipment to many industries including: Mining, Metal Processing, Manufacturing, Automotive, Poultry, Citrus, Mushroom, Power Generation, Natural Gas, Food Processing and Automotive Racing. We have utilized our years of experience working with these varied industries in developing our MegEvap™ line of evaporative cooling equipment. We have carried forward our tradition of supplying the best value for your equipment purchasing dollar into the MegEvap™ line by offering the highest quality most innovative high performance evaporative cooling equipment available. We can also design and manufacture a system that addresses any unique requirements or operating conditions you might have. From a roll around portable to a complete air handling system, MegEvap™ is the choice for long lasting value.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Megevap team to produce equipment that is always the best value for our customers purchasing dollar, because in the long run, the best value becomes the lowest cost option.