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Pure Vapor Humidifier (Click to view larger image.)Operationally, the only real difference between one humidity system and another is how the liquid water is presented to the air for evaporation and absorption. Water emitted by misters or foggers is introduced to the air in the form of droplets that vary in size dependent on the particular system. In order to provide true humidification, these droplets must change state from a liquid to a vapor. In order for this to happen, they first need an air mass capable of holding the water contained in the droplets and also sufficient exposure time to evaporate. A seemingly straightforward scenario, however, there are some complications. Uniform distribution of emitted water that also allows ample time for evaporation before hitting exposed surfaces is extremely difficult to achieve. Water emitted high in a room begins to fall which can be observed by watching a system of this type in operation. Anything located at upper levels including equipment, fixtures and product are likely to see liquid water while lower levels could experience low humidity. Systems using high speed fans in conjunction with emitters provide more time for evaporation but suffer the same basic shortfalls as the others and are noisy to operate. Steam is easier to distribute evenly but requires energy input in the form of heat to generate it and energy equals dollars in operational costs. A steam system will also impose an added heat load to the space which may be undesirable. Some manufacturers rate the capacity of their units in gallons emitted per hour, this can be misleading. A unit that releases thirty or forty GPH (or whatever the rated capacity is) into an air mass that does not have the capacity to hold it creates more problems than it solves. The simple truth is you can't fool Mother Nature. Water that is visible in the air is more water than the air can hold and it is going to settle out having little or no effect on RH. Vapor, NOT water, is what influences RH.

HumidifierSo what is the answer? It would seem the solution would be to enhance humidity by adding moisture to the air in the form of a pure invisible vapor that contained no free moisture to settle on surfaces. This scenario would revolve around a system that required no maintenance intensive high pressure pumps, nozzles, filter systems or miles of plumbing and no wasted energy to produce steam. The system now exists. MegEvap, innovators in the field of evaporative cooling, now offer commercial and industrial facility operators just such a system. A system that harnesses nature’s process of humidification - evaporation. By circulating the air within the space through the MegEvap Pure Vapor Humidifier, first pass RH's of up to 98% can be achieved. RH control can be as simple as cycling the fan with a humidistat up to sophisticated processor control that will virtually "flat line" the humidity curve in your facility.

Since the change of state from liquid to vapor takes place within the unit NO free moisture enters the space. This greatly reduces the risk of molds and other harmful micro-organisms. The process takes place by exposing the air passing through the unit to thousands of square feet of wet surface that surrenders moisture to the air through evaporation. There is never more moisture imposed on the air than it can hold. The MegEvap Pure Vapor Humidifier also functions as an excellent filter. Trapping airborne contaminants such as spores, dust and pollen and reducing water soluble VOCs the air leaving the unit is cleaner than the air entering. Due to the self cleaning design of the media we use the contaminants are carried to the sump where they are flushed from the system.

If all the advantages previously mentioned aren't enough, the MegEvap unit can also be dampered and controlled to utilize outside air when conditions permit to provide not only humidity but cooling as well. Much of the time the cooling provided can be sufficient to carry the entire cooling load of the space allowing refrigeration to be taken off line. Significant cost savings can be achieved as evaporative cooling operates for a fraction of the cost of refrigeration. A typical 15000 CFM MegEvap unit that will provide up to a 35 degree F. temperature drop requires only one horsepower, compared to a refrigeration unit with similar capacity the savings are obvious.

We offer units in many different sizes and configurations from rooftop to portable to cover any application. We can also design and manufacture a custom system with any combination of options to satisfy your specific need.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel wet section with easy access to water system for long life and low maintenance.
  • 12" rigid media.
  • Many sizes and configurations.
  • High efficiency fans and blowers for maximum air delivery in a wide range of applications.
  • 18" rigid media.
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