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An application of evaporative cooling that has impressive energy saving potential is the pre-cooling of air cooled refrigeration condensers. The pre-cooler module is installed on the upstream side of the condenser coil and may be controlled in a number of ways depending on the requirements of the system. Pre-cooling the air to the condenser lowers head pressure which reduces power consumption and allows the compressor to operate in a more efficient range. It will also increase useful capacity as capacity and efficiency decrease as ambient temperature rises. This condition becomes more severe as ambient temperature exceeds condenser design temperature.
City, ST
ASHRAE 1% Cooling Design Cooler Leaving
Air T °F
Dry Bulb °F Wet Bulb °F
Albuquerque, NM 93 60 69.2
Boise, ID 94 63 71.7
Denver, CO 93 59 68.5
Detroit, MI 87 72 76.2
El Paso, TX 98 64 73.5
Las Vegas, NV 106 66 77.2
Los Angeles, CA 81 64 68.8
Oklahoma City, OK 96 74 80.2
Phoenix, AZ 108 70 80.6
Pittsburg, PA 86 70 74.5
Sacramento, CA 97 69 76.8
Salt Lake City, UT 94 62 71.0
San Antonio, TX 97 74 80.4

Another way the pre-cooler helps maintain efficiency is by filtering the air before it reaches the condenser coil. This helps prevent fouling that robs efficiency and increases operating and maintenance costs.

Since a compressor utilizing a pre-cooled condenser actually has to less work to produce the same tonnage maintenance is reduced and the life expectancy of the equipment is extended. The potential for CFC release is also minimized. Condenser pre-cooling is a very cost effective and easily installed retro-fit. The use of pre-coolers could be considered a form of electrical peak shaving as it provides its greatest energy savings at the hottest time of day when electrical demand is highest. Pre-cooler installations may also qualify for energy rebates from participating power companies.

As with all our equipment the housing of a MegEvap pre-cooler is 100% stainless steel for long life and low maintenance. Remember when purchasing any equipment that the lowest first cost doesn't usually equal the best value and that equipment of inferior design or construction will be more expensive and less effective in the long run.

Standard Features
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • 6" rigid media.
  • Integral sump, make-up valve, recirculation pump, distribution system, flow control, and bleed-off valve to help reduce scaling.
  • Options available.

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